The Original ELMASRY Frame scaffolding and shoring Systems. This is an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves as one of the leading company in the field of scaffolding, Formwork and Scaffolding Services. Introduction: ** ELMASRY frame shoring system is one of the most popular and widely propagated through nearly all modern construction projects.

1-Shoring tower AC The AC

shoring Tower, thanks to its high capacity load (max 60 KN) and fast assembling, is the ideal solution for shoring at very high height (up to 12,5 meters). This system made of steel frames (S235JRH) provide strength, flexibility and thanks to the integration of various accessories, fits perfectly to the different types of horizontal formworks that are being use and also can be easily lifted by cranes. Designed to last longer, is also equipped with a large quantity of safety accessories as platforms, internal ladders and double lateral guardrails. Corrosion protection: . Hot dip galvanization: min. thickness 50 .m, following UNI EN 40. . Passive electrolytic galvanization: min. coating thickness 10 .m

2-Scaffolding AC 105

High flexible system, right for any application specially in extreme situation. Coupler: . Steel grade S355JR, following UNI EN 10113-1/2/3; . Cold formed; . 4,75 mm thickness. Corrosion
protection: . Tropicalizing: passive electrolytic galvanization; . Min. coating thickness 10 .m. Features: . Licensed for uniform building loads of 300 daN/ m2; . Total flexibility; . Connectable with the prefabricated system; . Width max: 1200 mm; . Span max: 1800 mm.

 3-Scaffolding AC 105 PP

The walk-through scaffolding with symmetrical quick locks, combines high standards of safety, speed of installation with an excellent ratio quality/cost. It’s versatile and handy, ideal for construction but also maintenance. The numerous available accessories and its compatibility with the tube/couplers system of scaffolds make it also flexible and suitable to meet all complex and articulated geometries always in a quick and easy way. The qualities of the materials used, as well as the attention to detail and the precision of the production phases, ensure strength and durability. And its compatibility with the tube-couplers system of scaffolds make it also flexible and suitable to meet all complex and articulated geometries always in a quick and easy way. All of these features, along with easiness of use make the walk-through scaffolding with symmetrical quick locks the favorite of the rental companies.


For all our scaffolding is available a wide range of accessories that increase security, flexibility and cost-
effectively addresses the various needs of the yard. Galvanized Wall tie: Available in various lengths, make quick and easy attachment of the scaffolding to the work served. Orthogonal and swivel joints: create a perfect integration between the prefabricated scaffolding and the tubes and joints scaffolds. In this way it is possible to create complex and articulated structures Steel rack for Scaffolding frames: ideal to storage and transport the frames in a fast and safe way

1-ELMASRY frame is used in shoring and reshoring works. 2-ELMASRY frame is also used as metallic scaffolding for internal finishing works and external façades works such as external Plaster, GRC,Paintings. …. etc. 3-ELMASRY frame system is easy in erection and dismantling. So it does not need skilled workers. Therefore, it safes both (cost and time). 4-Due to light weight of ELMASRY frame it is easy man handling. Therefore, it safes labor effort. 5-ELMASRY frame system is so limited in lost items because it has so little accessories. 6-ELMASRY frame system is a suitable shoring system for different type of shuttering’s such as (flat slab,slab with beams ……. Etc.)