Plate Work

Plate work and process equipment

A variety of plate work constructions, carbon steel can be produced at ELMASRY STEEL facilities to serve a varied range of applications including, but not limited to the following:

• Silos, cyclones, hoppers, bins ,.. etc.

• Ducts and chutes

• Rectangular tanks

• Stacks

• Floating vessels such as pontoons

• Casings for fans, heaters and precipitators

• Conical cylinder to fan towers for new and renewable energy

• Condense .

Storage Tanks

ELMASRY STEEL processes the capability of designing and prefabricating of fixed & floating roof storage tanks in accordance with the requirements of API620, API650 or similar standard, including but not limited to the following:

• Rolling of shell plates including nozzles

• Fabrication and machining of clean out doors

• Fabrication of rolling ladders and stairs

• Fabrication of the fire fighting and foam system piping and components. Stress relieving of the various components

• Site erection for big tanks