Construction work

El Masry Steel able to achieve self-reliance indecency and achieving both highly quality and less costs which suits all required activities and recommended efficiency for all clients therefore it is our duty to develop the civil department section to fit the evolution of steel constructions.

Construction Department

a multi-disciplined division to serve the big industrial projects, including all civil, electrical mechanical, equipment, and steel structure installation .

A- Civil Construction:- Site Preparation works. Concrete works “ Foundation and any other civil works related to the Industrial plants”.

Excavation for footings , ground beams, neck wall and tie beams.

Supply and Lay selected & approved base coarse

filling First class at 20cm layer to the required level ,watering and compacting 100% and where directed by the Engineer. Each concrete pouring on site will be tested, pouring less than 6m3 will be tested, pouring more than 6m3 will also be tested on 6m3 portions i.e. each concrete truck on site will be tested, all done by an approved testing institute on contractors expense.

Concrete Works

cleaning all the foundation excavations, checking the sizes according to drawings, resizing if needed, cleaning, and installing wooden frame to marked the footings as instructed and approved by the site engineer.

– In case and after the soil investigation report is done, concrete quantities may vary,any Additional or less in bid quantities

– The measurement for slabs from the middle of the walls , and include all drop and inverted beams and any part casted with slab, also deduction any opening in the slab

– Foundation of any shape, depth and size including column foundations, ground beams and strip footings ,

A- Check and report to the site engineer the situation of the excavation by an approved surveyor

B- Clean the foundations excavations, and making good of any excavation if needed

C- Resize the excavations to suit the design if there was any mistake in the excavation process

D- Lay a wooden Works Frame Reference around the building to be referenced by an approved surveyor and approved by the site engineer

Stone Works

All stone should be from Hebron area dark color – stone should be clear, free from all veins, cracks and salt holes from both sides -Supply, install stones cladding of excellent quality.

Internal Plaster

– Prepare surfaces, apply a rendering coat – Ditto but for external plastering mixing with Begebond.

Tiling Works

all designs and cutting as per drawings with no allowance for wasted tiles. -Net engineering measurements on site for square meter will be considered.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles 

Supply and Install Ceramic or porcelain for floor &wall Tiles in patterns first choice and free from all defects. – The type, colour and size shall be approved by Engineer

Aluminium Works

Supply and install the all Aluminium Mifromal Profile – fixing accessories original from Mifromal or Arpal such as rails, hinges, locks, brushes, rubber EPDM and angles.

Carpentry Works (Wooden doors & windows)

The fabrication and installation of full scale model for part of wooden works for inspection and approval of the Engineer before commencement of work.

Water Proofing

all requirements stipulated in the preambles, drawings and technical specification of the contract.

Electrical Works

Supply and install the all Electrical Profile

all designs of Electrical Works as per drawings