Company Profile

Who We Are … ?

EL MASRY Steel was established as early as 1994, with more than 200 successful projects, we guarantee an expertise in structural design, fabrication, installation and civil construction that no other company can provide.
With our experience, we have obtained a knowledge that allows us to cover various fields of construction and steel buildings types.

We have well-defined methodologies and are always in touch with the latest innovations, part from that however, we have a team of talented engineers and designers that have our clients’ best interest and closely with them expectations.


To become one of the pioneer steel construction companies specialized in design, fabrication and installation of pre-engineered steel buildings in Africa and The Middle East.

We focus on filling the gap between costumers’ specific requirements and the use of the pre-engineered building system.


To supply high quality steel products and to provide our services and solutions by our skilled staff, and to develop production capabilities by the most updated technologies and also to assure our exploitation of technology in its work.


Our experienced staff have completed a wide range of projects covering various fields of construction such as: Material Handling, Quarries, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Power Station
s, Industrial Buildings, Public Buildings, Water Treatment Plants, Hospitals, Universities, Schools and Shopping Centres.

Our staff ability to process extensive amounts of fabricated elements enables the creation of an accurately detailed and high performance 3D model that applies to every stage of design and construction, from planning and design development phase, through to fabrication and installation.

Our models naturally develop in parallel, representing the ‘as-built’ condition of a structure, our design drawings effectively integrate into any best-of-breed software driven work-flow, while maintaining the highest level of data integrity and accuracy, and such collaborative work flows are the key to minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency, resulting in high profitability and on-time project completion with almost zero amount in project value deviation.

Company members are committed to living and working according to the company’s values, to build a homogeneous and strong company’s culture, develop the self-foundation of each individual as essential focus