CEO Message

CEO Message

Since we established the Egyptian Company for Steel Construction Elmasry Steel in 1994, we were able to find the value and concept in field, and has taken over the last decades a lot of steps forward and invested in many areas of business.

The modernly thinking, creativity and innovation in industry world, are the most successful concepts of our company, since the beginning of our investment sector growth in Egypt and the Arabian world.

The company has continued step by step aiming to get leadership in ARE, and the middle east zone, Our strength is a result of the permanent widening of massive Industrial of our projects which we run through a professional qualified management, engineering processes and backed by the expertise of financial, administrative and operational enormous expertise.

The philosophy of Elmasry Steel is to make the vision of the future in front of our eyes and to seek through our capabilities and qualification to realize this and to be one of the leading Investment companies with a strong presence and concrete on the Egyptian arena which seeks to expand not only In Egypt but for the presence In all Africa and the middle east.

Wast Incinerator Patent

Ahmed El Masry achieved an unprecedented holocaust invented to get rid of waste and friendly environment for an advanced exhaust for cars. Precious minds have no place in her country.

Cairo, Egypt got the representative of the Federation of Egyptian inventors on two gold medals at the International Conference and Exhibition of Inventions, organized by the South Korean capital of Seoul during the period of the twenty-fifth of August / 2011.

The jury awarded the International Gold Medal for International Knight international inventors inventor Ahmed the Egyptian invention of solid waste incinerator deal with and without medical complications or impact on the environment and not a sophisticated exhaust gas heats the impact of burning inside the motor car.

The inventor of Egypt Ahmed thereby winning a record in the Middle East and at the international level in terms of the number of international awards obtained and quality.

He explained that the Egyptian invention is a burnt offering to help get rid of all types of waste, which will be put in place with water in the Holocaust, then the ignition, turning to ash and smoke Ivopan in the water.

He pointed out that the water that burns the waste remain valid for irrigation and drinking as well, because they contain nitrogen useful to strengthen the muscles of the heart.

The Egyptian chemical analysis proved that the water is free from any toxins, explaining that he offered his idea to officials of the Ministry of Irrigation and the environment, but they are ignored.